We make and sell our favorite hair ties for everyone to enjoy!

MissPonytail.com Offers Handmade Elastic Hair Ties that are fun, trendy, and great for all types of hair! Handmade in Pittsburgh, PA. My daughter, Alexa, and I started missPonytail.com in the summer of 2016. We have really enjoyed spending extra time together making tons of hair ties! I was very surprised that Alexa, only 14 years old, was able to hand knot the hair ties just as good or better than I could! I've had friends try to help me with the process of tying the hair ties, and it has proven to be a very "knotty" task. Pretty difficult to get the very best results that we love to provide for our customers. My wonderful friends have still been able to help me with many other aspects of my business! If you live in Pittsburgh, many weekends you will see us at craft shows and festivals around town. Otherwise, you can always find us on Etsy!

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